Pitea Summer Games

June 29 - July 1, 2018, | Pitea, Sweden

800 teams (U8-U16)

The Pitea Summer Games is located in Pitea, Sweden which is located in northern Sweden, near the polar circle. The Pitea Summer Games will be played from June 29 - July 1, 2018, and is for teams U16 and younger and is known as the “International Midnight Sun Tournament” as each team will play games under the midnight sun. Natural beauty at its best, and a tremendous hosting organization, Pitea IF, the Pitea Summer Games will provide players and teams with a unique and memorable experience, both on and off the field. The Pitea Summer Games fits perfectly with a three to four-day soccer and cultural program to Copenhagen or Stockholm.

2018 Age Groups

Class B16 boys born 1/1/2002

Class B15 boys born 1/1/2003

Class B14 boys born 1/1/2004

Class B13 boys born 1/1/2005 (7-a-side)

Class B12 boys born 1/1/2006 (7-a-side)

Class B11 boys born 1/1/2007 (7-a-side)

Class B10 boys born 1/1/2008 (7-a-side)

Class B9 boys born 1/1/2009 (5-a-side)

Class B8 boys born 1/1/2010 (5-a-side)

Class G16 girls born 1/1/2002

Class G15 girls born 1/1/2003  

Class G14 girls born 1/1/2004  

Class G13 girls born 1/1/2005

Class G12 girls born 1/1/2006 (7-a-side)

Class G11 girls born 1/1/2007 (7-a-side)

Class G10 girls born 1/1/2008 (7-a-side)

Class G9 girls born 1/1/2009 (5-a-side)

Class G8 girls born 1/1/2010 (5-a-side)