Norway Cup

July 28-August 4, 2018 | Oslo, Norway

The 2018 Norway Cup will be played July 31 through August 6 in capital city of Olso. Oslo, one of Europe’s great cities is full of natural beauty, culture, and history, is a great host city for the Norway Cup and is easily accessible from throughout Scandinavia. United Soccer Academy can customize programs to the Norway Cup that can combine with training camps with professional clubs in Sweden or Denmark or combined with another soccer tournament, like the Skaw Cup in Denmark.  A tour to Scandinavia and the Norway Cup in late July and early August is an excellent way to the start the new soccer season.

2018 Age Groups:

11-a side:
Group A19: (B18/19) Boys born after 1.1.1999
Group A17: (B17) Boys born after 1.1.2001
Group B: (B15/16) Boys born after 1.1.2002
Group C: (B14) Boys born after 1.1.2004

Group D: (B13) Boys born after 1.1.2005

Group E: (B15/16) Boys born after 1.1.2002
Group F: (B14) Boys born after 1.1.2004
Group M: (B13) Boys born after 1.1.2005
Group H: (B12) Boys born after 1.1.2006
Group I: (B11) Boys born after 1.1.2007

11-a side:
Group Q19: (G18/19) Girls born after 1.1.1999
Group Q17: (G17) Girls born after 1.1.2000
Group R: (G15/16) Girls born after 1.1. 2002
Group S: (G14) Girls born after 1.1. 2004

Group T: (G13) Girls born after 1.1.2005

7- a-side:
Group W: (G17/18/19) Girls born after 1.1.1999
Group U: (G15/16) Girls born after 1.1.2002
Group V: (G14) Girls born after 1.1.2004
Group P: (G13) Girls born after 1.1. 2005
Group X: (G12) Girls born after 1.1.2006

Group Y: (G11) Girls born after 1.1.2007